ANOTHER girl dies from ‘flu she was vaccinated against’

Five-year-old Kiera Driscoll allegedly developed a cough and fever not long after getting jabbed, claim reports, and just hours later collapsed, was put on life support, suffered cardiac arrest and died. Kiera, who is said to have lived with her parents in Las Vegas, Nevada, reportedly contracted influenza A, the same strain of flu virus contained in the vaccine she received. Despite this unusual account, which may seem familiar if you’ve been following national news stories the past few years, the media is reporting that Kiera’s death is one of dozens that have occurred in recent months. Even though more people have been vaccinated for the flu this year than last, flu deaths continue to rise, suggesting further that the flu shot is incapable of providing real protection. According to data published by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 56 children have died so far in the U.S. during this current flu season. In the first week of the year alone, 19 children have reportedly died, and 8,000 in total have been hospitalized for flu complications since the start of last October.

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London – Another Police Brutality – Julian Cole

Julian Cole, 21, from London, suffered a broken neck and has brain damage following his arrest outside Elements nightclub in Bedford in May 2013. CCTV footage shows him being dragged unconscious across the road to a police van by a number of officers. Mr Cole was taken to Greyfriar’s Police Station where he remained unresponsive and an ambulance was called. He sustained a spinal injury, known as a hangman’s fracture – which is associated with the sudden and violent pulling backwards of the head – and needs 24-hour nursing care.

Fuck that. Seriously. Fuck the police.



Tempora – The UK/GCHQ’s Surveillance Program

The introduction is sourced from wikipedia, for the straight fact:

Tempora is the codeword for a formerly secret computer system that is used by the British Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ). This system is used to buffer most internet communications that are extracted from fibre-optic cables, so these can be processed and searched at a later time. It was tested since 2008 and became operational in the autumn of 2011.

Break #1 – The amount of standard network routing getting updated to fibre optic in London and the UK is enormous. Dial-up/DSL lines are considered poverty these days, barely reaching 3mb download speeds. However, every single fibre optic cable in the United Kingdom is tapped by the GCHQ.

Tempora uses intercepts on the fibre-optic cables that make up the backbone of the internet to gain access to large amounts of internet users’ personal data, without any individual suspicion or targeting. The intercepts are placed in the United Kingdom and overseas, with the knowledge of companies owning either the cables or landing stations.

#2 – Many, many fibre optic cables are underwater, connecting countries to countries. Let me tell you as a fact (Edward Snowden leaked this in his documents too:) every single one of these cables are tapped by the NSA.


The existence of Tempora was revealed by Edward Snowden, a former American intelligence contractor who leaked information about the program to former Guardian journalist Glenn Greenwald in May 2013, as part of his revelations of government-sponsored mass surveillance programs. Documents Snowden acquired claimed that data collected by the Tempora program is shared with the National Security Agency of the United States.

Tempora is said to include recordings of telephone calls, the content of email messages, Facebook entries and the personal internet history of users. Snowden said of Tempora that “It’s not just a U.S. problem. The UK has a huge dog in this fight…They [GCHQ] are worse than the U.S.”

You  know what else? GCHQ are happy to collaborate with the NSA and conduct massive operations. Furthermore, in the snowden vid, it was said that NSA love using the GCHQ for metadata queries since they need a warrant to perform metadata queries inside the United States. 850,000 NSA contractors have access to the data. Now that’s fucked.

Around 300 GCHQ and 250 NSA operatives are tasked with sifting through the data, which can be stored for up to three and 30 days for content and meta content respectively.

They use a technique called Massive Volume Reduction (MVR). Peer-to-peer downloads, for example, are classed as “high-volume, low-value traffic” and discarded by an initial filter. This reduces the volume of data by 30 percent. They use specific searches, which can relate to trigger words, email addresses of interest, or targeted persons and phone numbers. GCHQ and the NSA have identified 40,000 and 30,000 triggers respectively.

It was first trialled in 2008 and by the summer of 2011 GCHQ had placed interceptors on over 200 fibre optic cables. By late 2011, the Tempora programme had been fully launched and shared with the Americans on a three-month trial basis.


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GlaxoSmithKline’s FLULAVAL Flu Shot Insert Sheet – What You Didn’t Read


  • FLULAVAL is a vaccine indicated for active immunization against influenza disease… but doesn’t ever claim the vaccine actually works.
    In the very next bullet point, the vaccine insert admits:
  • …there have been no controlled trials adequately demonstrating a decrease in influenza disease after vaccination with FLULAVAL.


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Oh thats just some crazy spiritual bullshit man. Well, even the scientists are believing it mate. Apparently the work of Quantum physics is too much for language to mould around, it simply cannot be explained. Have a look at this video, about a Double Slit experiment involving Quantum physics. One of the key principles of quantum physics is that our thoughts determine reality. Early in the 1900′s they proved this beyond a shadow of a doubt with an experiment called the double slit experiment. They found that the determining factor of the behaviour of energy (‘particles’) at the quantum level is the awareness of the observer.


For example: electrons under the same conditions would sometimes act like particles, and then at other times they would switch to acting like waves (formless energy), because it was completely dependent on what the observer expected was going to happen. Whatever the observed believed would occur is what the quantum field did. Believe, believe, believe. There is now scientific proof that belief does in fact have a physical control on how you live. “The quantum world is waiting for us to make a decision so that it knows how to behave.”

Damn. I was just reading this book and it said to me the universe acts to how you want it, to how you make your choices and to what you believe is going to happen.



Am I crazy? Probably not. I believe.

The thing is, quantum energy is all around us, and it is the most fundamental level of creation aside from the unified field itself. This is essentially the energy of God. Creation. The book also says, actually it isnt a book, its a fucking scripture, its a dialogue that will fit any man that reads it. Anyway, the book says God is waiting for YOU to make the decision, he does NOT make them for you, this life is for YOU to find out that YOU are GOD ITSELF IN PHYSICAL MATTER. The human energy field is interacting and influencing the quantum field all around us at all times and the energy of our beliefs and intentions are infused into our energy field because they are defined by the energy of our thoughts and emotions.



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22 Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI) Scientists All Commit Suicide

Fifty-year-old Alistair Beckham was a successful British aerospace- projects engineer. His specialty was designing computer software for sophisticated naval defense systems. Like hundreds of other British scientists, he was working on a pilot program for America’s Strategic Defense Initiative–better known as Star Wars. And like at least 21 of his colleagues, he died a bizarre, violent death.

It was a lazy, sunny Sunday afternoon in August 1988. After driving his wife to work, Beckham walked through his garden to a musty backyard toolshed and sat down on a box next to the door. He wrapped bare wires around his chest, attached the to an electrical outlet and put a handkerchief in his mouth. Then he pulled the switch.

With his death, Beckham’s name was added to a growing list of British scientists who’ve died or disappeared under mysterious circumstances since 1982. Each was a skilled expert in computers, and each was working on a highly classified project for the American Star Wars program. None had any apparent motive for killing himself.

The British government contends that the deaths are all a matter of coincidence. The British press blames stress. Others allude to an ongoing fraud investigation involving the nation’s leading defense contractor.

Lord have mercy. All these einsteins are getting dropped out of the sky.

These coincidental deaths occured between 1982-1986. Within the span of 6 years, 23 deaths of English scientists that worked on Star Wars related projects died. All of them worked in areas regarding electronic warfare, which includes UFO Research. Below I will list their names, dates of deaths, and cause of death:

1. 1982. Professor Keith Bowden: killed in auto crash
2. July 1982. Jack Wolfenden: died in glider accident
3. November 1982. Ernest Brockway: suicide
4. 1983. Stephen Drinkwater: suicide by strangulation
5. April 1983. Lieutenant-Colonel Anthony Godley: missing, declared dead
6. April 1984. George Franks: suicide by hanging
7. 1985. Stephen Oke: suicide by hanging
8. November 1985. Jonathan Wash: suicide by jumping from a building
9. 1986. Dr. John Brittan: suicide by carbon-monoxide poisoning
10. October 1986. Arshad Sharif: suicide by placing a rope around his neck, tying it to a tree and then driving away at high speed. Took place in Bristol 100 miles from his home in London
11. October 1986. Vimal Dajibhai: suicide by jumping from a bridge in Bristol, 100 miles from his home in London
12. January 1987. Avatar Singh-Gida: missing, declared dead
13. February 1987. Peter Peapell: suicide by crawling under car in garage
14. March 1987. David Sands: suicide by driving car into cafe at high speed
15. April 1987. Mark Wisner: death by self-strangulation
16. April 10, 1987. Stuart Gooding: killed in Cyprus
17. April 1987. Shani Warren: suicide by drowning
18. May 1987. Michael Baker: killer in auto crash
19. May 1988. Trevor Knight: suicide
20. August 1988. Alistair Beckham: suicide by self-electrocution
21. August 1988. Brigadier Peter Ferry: suicide by self-electrocution
22. Date Unknown. Victor Moore: suicide


Bit weird, huh?


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Ways to secure your iPhone – by Mcafee

OG Link:


Tip 1: Enable Passcode Lock on Your iPhone

Tip 2: Disable Features that Could Be Accessed Without Entering the Passcode 5

Tip 3: Overcoming Privacy Issues Due to the Inherent Design of the iPhone 6

Tip 4: Erase All the Data Before Return, Repair, or Resale of Your iPhone 9

Tip 5: Regularly Update Your iPhone’s Firmware 11 – Highly not recommended by me

Tip 6: To Jailbreak or Not to Jailbreak 12

Tip 7: Enable Safari’s Privacy and Security Settings on the iPhone 13

Tip 8: Using Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and Email Securely 16

Tip 9: Enable Restrictions 18

Tip 10: Enable Find My iPhone – Highly not recommended by me