American police are statistically more of a threat to civilians than terrorists will ever be



You are at the very least, eight times more likely to be killed by a police officer than a terrorist. Check that link for more info about where that statement came from. Since the year 2000, police have killed at least 5,600 people via gunshots, taserings, beatings and other forms of violence.

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Australia – Propose immigration powers to allow guards ‘to beat asylum seekers to death’ in detention centres’

A former Supreme Court judge of the Australian state of Victoria has warned that guards at immigration detention centres will in effect be allowed to “beat asylum seekers to death” under a proposed amendment to an migration bill. Essentially, what we can see here is a narrowing down of power into the country to not allow outsiders into it and to essentially make you give up all your rights when you enter the country. Excellent.

These amendments will authorise detention centre guards to beat asylum seekers to death if they reasonably believe it is necessary to do so to save either themselves or another person from serious harm,” – Stephen Charles

These change of powers will also give guards immunity if they kill another man, protecting them from the justice system. This sounds shady as fuck, it all seems like a veil under which they can perform any sort of acts against any targets they like and get away with it.

“With the high levels of secrecy in detention centres, giving guards unchecked powers to use force is a recipe for further cover ups of abuse and misconduct” – Sarah Hanson-Young


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