Preliminary report by the Dutch safety board:


This will probably be a evolving document, so here goes.

Another very good debunking of a variety of MH17 conspiracy theories from /r/aviation

An incredibly well put together graphic attempting to pinpoint the location of the buk launcher here:

Some expansion on a few of these has been done by /u/fourth_floor here


Separatists didn’t have a BUK launcher

Rebuttal: The separatists where tweeting and posting on social media about how they had one since at least june 29th


The BUK launcher couldn’t be operated unless it had radar station.

Rebuttal: The BUK launcher itself is a TELAR unit, which can be fully operational by itself, it can also be paired with TAR, and TEL systems, but doesn’t require them. (The big green pillow on the front of the turret(as seen in the previous liveleak link) is the radar.)


The separatists couldn’t or haven’t been operating the launcher.

Rebuttal: They had previously shot down 2 Ukrainian Air Force transports. The incident involving the An-26 transport was confirmed to be using a BUK, while others where confirmed to be using MANPADS


The Plane was being escorted by ukrainian jets.

Rebuttal: Videos taken of the planes impact with the ground show no jets in the air.


The Ukrainian government forged the wiretapped phone call, since the time stamp was off by a day.

Rebuttal: /r/programming post seems prove it’s an off by one error in the way youtube timestamped videos that were less than 24 hours old.


The plane was purposely directed over the conflict zone to be shot down:

Rebuttal: It was flying in accordance to all the no fly orders issued on July 1st (no fly below 26,000 feet) and superseding July 14th (no fly below 30,000 feet). It was headed to the north avoiding a storm that was in it’s usual flight path.

I even made a handy graphic to illustrate this. However, I’m not sure if that storm was the specific one being avoided, because there were many thunderstorms all over Ukraine on the 17th.


The plane was carrying dead bodies.

Rebuttal: Now we are approaching the good ‘ole sandy-hook-tier denialism. I can’t actually debunk this, because if you already believe it, you wouldn’t believe the debunking, but ask yourself, what about the identities of the bodies and the logistics of the involved conspiracy? There’s video footage of passengers boarding and getting seated on the plane.

Thanks, /u/UncleDuster


There was no missile.

Rebuttle: Even the Russians agree there was a missile.



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